Contact by telephone call is still one of the most common ways of getting in touch with a business, even though web-based methods of communication, email, instant messaging, online forms, etc, have risen in prominence in recent years.

Calls can arrive at any time of day and even night. If the volume of calls get heavy, it can mean that key personnel are diverted from their main tasks, which is inefficient management.

Answering Service United can change all that by reducing the time and money you spend dealing with calls, while maintaining a highly professional service to both your callers and to your business.

You have the choice of either sharing the responsibility of answering calls with our professional staff, or letting us take over the answering responsibility for all your calls. Answering Service United offers complete flexibility in how you want to manage your business with our help. We can free up valuable time to allow your staff to concentrate on doing what they do best – building your business.

You can also have us answer calls on your behalf outside of standard working hours. This means your home life and leisure time will stay exactly that, with no business interference. Answering Service United will take all your after hours calls, processing urgent requests, and will leave non-urgent requests for your staff to deal with in the morning.

You can of course hire your own staff to deal with after hours calls, but here at Answering Service United, we know that our service will be much more cost-effective for you. Your own staff will need days off, which will mean finding other members of staff to cover. It will mean providing them with holiday pay, sick pay, etc, etc. Answering Service United will always be on hand for you with no days off, no holiday requirements, and as far as you are concerned, we never get sick either. With Answering Service United, you can let members of staff work efficiently from home, or by mobile if they are traveling. We can effectively be your office staff answering all calls, while your work staff gets on with what they are trained to do.

You tell us how you want your business to be represented, and we take it from there. Your callers will never know that we are not an integral part of your business. We will answer calls exactly as you want, send out emails and faxes strictly according to your instructions.

Those who work for themselves can’t be everywhere at once. This could mean that you miss important calls, or lose lucrative contracts while you tend to other important business matters. Answering Service United can eliminate that kind of problem for you, ensuring that you never miss a call or an important opportunity again.