Call centre

You need Call centre services, but what are your options? Call centre outsourcing is certainly one of your options, and so is an in-house Call centre solution. But which one can offer you the better overall result?

Like most things, each of the Call centre solutions has its pros and cons. It’s really a matter of deciding on the one that serves you best in the long term. It is possible that using Call centre services where none of the trained telephone receptionists actually work for you as employees may not be your best solution. This can be because your needs are too complex to be handled properly by anyone who is not fully aware of your company setup and structure.

On the other hand, trying to set up your own Call centre in-house can be disastrous. If you do not have the right expertise, the necessary knowledge, or the proper cutting edge technology, the effects on your business can be seriously detrimental. This is where professional Call centre outsourcing comes into its own.

Unlike an in-house Call centre, we can automatically scale up or down to directly meet your exact call volume, thereby maintaining a fluid and seamlessly even response level. We can do this while maintaining a customer service of the very highest standards too.

No matter whether you have a mere handful of calls one day, and then get swamped with a multitude of calls the next, we can respond in a way that would leave most in-house Call centres struggling at best. We can smooth out the surges in callers and even out the dry spells, to make the overall service much more cost-effective than even the best in-house operation could be.

It’s certainly true that you could most likely find the cheapest inbound Call centre option and save money. However, you get what you pay for, and the cheapest Call centre service may not provide the best customer service. You could end up losing revenue through poor service, making the cheapest Call centre solution one of the most expensive in real terms.

Here’s the level of Call centre service you can expect to get with Answering Service United:

  • Toll free or local number at no additional cost. You can forward calls to it, or advertise it as your after hours emergency number.
  • Professional agents who will always be on hand to answer your calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and who will NEVER place your caller on hold to answer another call.
  • Professional agents who can follow simple instructions regarding who to contact, the reason for making contact, and why there is the need. You control whether or not you are disturbed after hours, based entirely on the protocol you set up.