The ongoing costs associated with maintaining an in-house receptionist can be considerable. Luckily, modern technology makes that option an unnecessary one. You can choose to “employ” a virtual receptionist instead. This will not only keep your costs to a minimum, but will come with many additional benefits as well.

Your live receptionist will always answer with your company name, just as if it were someone sitting in your company’s reception area. Your caller will never know the difference. There is no deception in this, just the impression given that the receptionist is an integral part of your company.

Virtual receptionists are never late for work. They are always on time, every time. They never miss a day or call in sick. This means that your calls will never go unanswered. There’s no cut off at 5.00 pm either, or no answer before 9.00 am, as your virtual receptionist will be on hand to take your calls 24 x 7, nights, weekends and holidays included.

You can use our answering service as a kind of back up, if you prefer. Used in this way you will always have the opportunity to answer your calls first. If you fail to answer within a designated number of rings, which you will control, we will answer for you. Also, if your line is busy, we can take the call for you. In this way your caller will never have to put up with an irritating busy signal.

We can set up and share an online appointment schedule, if your company requires it. We can schedule, change or even cancel an appointment, and you will be updated about any changes in status immediately.

All your calls will be taken by our virtual receptionists from our professional office. We do not outsource any call. Your caller will never be redirected to a receptionist in some foreign country, or to someone working from home with all kinds of domestic noises of children and pets taking place in the background. You should expect nothing but the utmost professionalism from our service at all times.

We will deliver all messages to you in the manner you prefer. This will happen immediately after the call has been taken. The message will be accurate and complete. If you prefer, we can connect your caller directly to you or to one of your designated staff members. We will make our service to you as seamless as possible. That’s the power of using a virtual receptionist.